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Where Water Meets The Sky

Every now and then, it happens: a special place is born. Where water meets the sky. Where energy awakens. Where suddenly you find yourself seeing, feeling, knowing it is meant to be.

Caroline’s 850-acre lake, surrounded by hundreds of gently rolling acres, is a world unto itself. A world where the sounds of nature serenade. Where water holds her mirror constant to the ever-changing moods of the sky. Where opportunity calls. The opportunity to own your own piece of shoreline. To glimpse tranquil water or pristine greens as you stroll through your neighborhood. To gain the peace and quiet of country living.

We call it home… Our Caroline.

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News Notes July 21, 2017
Ski & Tubing Lanes:
Boats pulling skiers and tubes should circle inside of white round buoys in a counter clock wise route. The area outside the buoys alone the dam is a NO WAKE area. If you are not able to download, or print a color map, come by the office for a copy.

There have been many complaints of boats going in every direction.

Jumping or Diving the Lake at Martinique:
Some children and youth are diving or jumping into the lake from the railing around the Martinique pool. This is very dangerous. The water is shallow and will become shallower as the lake levels drop during the summer. Also, there is a danger of stepping or landing on a broken bottle or other debris.

Please obey the "NO DIVING" signs on the railing for your own safety.

Lake Safety Tips:
Alcohol and Boating
Over 1,000 people die in boating accidents every year. Nine out of ten of them drown. About half those deaths involve alcohol. It's tough enough to stay alert in the heat and sun but adding alcohol to this exposure intensifies the effects. Sometimes just a couple of beers are too many. When you're drinking, statistically, you're much more likely to fall overboard. So, within minutes you may not be able to call for help, or swim to safety. Actually, a drunken person whose head is immersed can be confused and swim down to death instead of up to safety.

Leaving the dock is optional... returning is mandatory

Lake Levels and News:
The lake is now 2.50 inches above full pool which is two inches higher last week. The lake level this same time last year was 11 inches below full pool.

The next fertilizing of both lakes will be July 24th.
Also, the following scheduled date to fertilize both lakes will be the week of August 21st.
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