Lake Caroline Owner’s Association
Advisory Council Operations & Assignment
(Adopted 02/09, Revised 05/15)

The Advisory Council is formed and commissioned by the Board of Directors for the purpose of:

  1. Providing a forum where issues regarding the Lake Caroline community may be freely discussed by members of the community.
  2. Making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding pertinent issues.
  3. Taking action on all matters within its scope of authority.


  1. The Council will meet on each second Tuesday at the Bellevue clubhouse at 6:00 p.m. Called meetings for urgent matters may be held at the Chairperson’s request with one weeks notice to voting members. A quorum of 50% of the voting members must be present, in person or by proxy, to open a meeting. After opening, the meeting may continue even if a quorum is no longer present. Issues will be decided on majority vote of voting members present.
  2. All property owners of Lake Caroline are invited to attend and may speak regarding their concerns and voice their opinions on all matters.
  3. Voting members will be chosen from the Subdivisions and the Combined Subdivision Areas as detailed on Appendix A attached hereto. This Appendix may be updated from time to time,as the need arises. The method used to choose voting members within each Subdivision and Combined Subdivision Area(s) will be decided by each Subdivision and Combined Subdivision Area. However, in Subdivisions without private HOAs, should requests for membership exceed vacancies, the Council shall have the right to fill those vacancies by Council vote.The Number of voting members from each Subdivision and Combined Subdivision Area will be determined by the following formula:

    0 – 49 Lots: 1 Voting Member, 50 – 150 Lots: 2 Voting members, 151 Lots and above: 3 Voting Members

    Voting members shall serve one year term and may be chosen for successive terms. The term period begins each year with the March meeting. New voting members, who join the Council during a term, will initially serve a partial term. Voting members who will serve a successive term will be affirmed each year at the March Meeting.

  4. Action may be taken on matters deliberated without prior approval by the Board of Directors if those actions do not require expense greater than $1,000 or have legal issues involved. All actions within this scope must be confirmed by the Board.
  5. A chairperson will be selected each February by the Board of Directors to serve a one-year term beginning in March. The Chairperson will appoint a Council member to record the deliberations and actions of the Council. The Advisory Council will elect a Vice-Chairman each march, whose term will coincide with that of the Chairman. Election to the position of Vice-Chairman does not guarantee future selection to the position of Chairman.
  6. The Advisory Council Chairman may attend all board meetings, both regular and special called.
  7. Members of the Advisory Council may not hold both that position and Board of Directors.
  8. Chairman of the Advisory Council will serve as an Ex Officio member without vote the year after leaving office.
  9. To maintain membership in the Advisory Council, voting members must attend at least fifty percent (50%) of the regular monthly meetings over any six (6) month period.


  1. Ad Hoc Committees – May be appointed by the Chairman to specific objectives, and their existence ends with the completion of that task.
  2. LCOA Committees will make monthly reports to the Advisory Council to keep the owners apprised of ongoing operations and projects.